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SY-1568G Horns Bee Flower Tower

SY-1568G Horns Bee Flower Tower is the product can bring you a simple way to grind herbs and pack cones. This versatile cone filling machine lets you grind fresh herbs and fill paper cones in seconds with no mess. Crafted with a heavy-duty polycarbonate body to stand up to daily grinding this cone packer is made for rolling at home, at parties, or on the go with minimal effort. The unique design of our herb grinder makes it easy to take apart and put together featuring a built-in funnel and cone storage that storage chamber that holds up to 7 empty cones. Grind and pack cones in just 30 seconds by inserting a cone into the filler tube, place grinder over the funnel though the guiding pins, and grinding. All with a simple twist. Lastly, it’s small enough to fit in your pocket, beach bag, or car glovebox which makes it great for parties, picnics, and fishing trips.

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How to use:
1. Take an empty cone form the cone storage.
2. Insert the cone into the filler.
3. Adapt the grinder.
4. Load material into the grinder.
5. Twist the grinder top.
6. Pull the packed cone out from the bottom opening.

Product Name Flower Tower
Brand Horns Bee
Model Number SY-1568G
Material ABS Plastic
Color Red / Blue / Black / White
Logo Horns Bee / Customized Logo
Unit Size 48 x 165 mm
Unit Weight 94g(With Package)

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