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SY-8422K Portable Hookah

Different from normal big heavy glass hookah, this portable hookah is newly designed that is easy to carry but hard to be broken. We use PC / ABS / Ceramic / Aluminium Alloy materials in different parts instead of glass, all the accessories are smartly combined together inside a bottle. Just carry one single bottle, you got all. The transverse line on the water base, which is the bottom part of the hookah, remind you the maximum of the water that you can add. The storage ring help to keep the tube in a ordered way and save the space. On the top, the cap efficiently blocks the ash from getting out. The middle part, which is the most important part, not only guide the smoke go through the water then to tube, but also perfectly sealed the bottle. Surprisingly, thanks to this middle part, you can directly insert a glass funnel bowl in the hole, that is on the top of the middle part, and use this portable hookah as a bong!!!

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    Product Name Portable Hookah
    Model Number SY-8422K
    Color Gray / Black / White / Red / Blue / Green
    Logo Customized Logo
    Product Size 6.7 x 25.5 cm
    Product Weight 490 g
    Package Gift Box
    Gift Box Size 9.2 x 28 x 9.1 cm
    Gift Box Weight 690 g

    How to use:
    1. Open the cap.
    2. Take out all the accessories inside.
    3. Open the water base.
    4. Put an appropriate amount of water in the base and cover the it.
    5. Insert the middle part part into the bottle.
    6. Put the hookah tobacco in the ceramic pot and wrap it with aluminium foil paper.
    7. Put the wrapped ceramic pot on the middle part, then put a burned carbon on it, cover the cap.
    8. Remove the tube from the storage ring.
    9. Use the tube to connect the handle pipe and the smoke outlet on the middle part.
    10. Enjoy.


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