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Horns Bee

smoking accessories

With the achievement in producing smoking accessories, the need of enlarging our business was never so clear by the mid-2010s. Some of us suggested we should expand our products to a wider market.

Hence the brand Horns Bee and the company Sam Young Trading Co. were introduced. Consequently, we have created a complete business chain from production with Gerui, to global trading via Sam Young, and with an internationally registered brand that represents our top notch products, Horns Bee.

  • SY-5836G Coke Jar

    SY-5836G Coke Jar

    SY-5836G Coke Jar is made of many magical functions in a single coke-can shaped product, just like the secret ingredients of the coke, all together bring you a wonderful experience of taste. The storage with perfect sealing provides large space, in order to let you keep enough weeds all in good condition. Equipped with magnifier and LED light which is rechargeable, you will be able to clearly check the condition of the weed. The grinder at the last part can efficiently grind the weed. Surprisingly, there is a smoking pipe at the bottom of the jar, that can be used to catch the ground weed and smoke directly. Coke Jar, sign of weed taste!!!

  • SY-1588G Super Jar

    SY-1588G Super Jar

    SY-1588G Super Jar is a powerful product just like its name Super. Different from any other jars, Super Jar has a board inside the bottle, divides the storage into two spaces where you can put in pre-rolled cones and weeds. The board also can be removed if you just want a single large storage. On the top, the grinder with sharp teeth can grind weed much efficiently and separate from the bottle so that you can wash it after use without dry the storage. Every Super Jar is equipped with a paper funnel used for pouring the ground weed into the cone, and a small stick used for making a firmer cone. Just one jar, so many super power!!