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3 decades ago, with a determination to be one of the pioneers in the smoking accessories industry, we at Gerui started a joyful and fruitful journey. Thanks to our innovative designs and production processes, we earned our fortunes in the lighter industry from the late 1990s to the early 2000s then we decided to invest the experiences and resources in the development of an automatic cigarette rolling machine. With years of researching and testing, in the early 2010s, our first generation of cigarette rolling machines was finally brought out to the market.

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We have disposable vape in different tastes such as grape, pineapple, strawberry, mixed fruit and so on. You can chose from 2% or 5% nicotine content. They all get filter tip, air holes and charging port. Small size and round shape made them easy to be carried.
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Portabla Dab Rig

Portabla Dab Rig

This product is a compact and portable, the best dab rig you can find online that comes with a torch. The kit includes a glass rig with a 14.5mm ground joint, a showerhead percolator, a glass carb cap, a 14.5mm male quartz banger, a dab tool, and a dab torch all safely packed in a quality zippered carrying dab box case.
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We insist on the principle of "First Quality, First Service, First Trust" as our business philosophy.


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    The hookah is different from traditional Chinese hookah. Originated in India. It was first smoked through coconut shells and diabolo tubes. So, how do you use hookahs? Let’s take a look at the knowledge about hookahs. 1How to use hookah 1. Add water to the cigarette bottle, and cover the m...

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    Hookah is a kind of tobacco product from the Middle East. It is smoked using a hose after filtering water. Hookahs are generally made from fresh tobacco leaves, dried fruit meat and honey. Shisha...

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    The cigarette making machine includes four main parts: wire supply, forming, cutting and weight control, as well as auxiliary parts such as printing and dust removal. Wire supply Initially quantify the cut tobacco and remove the sundries in the cut tobacco at the same time. The typical method of...

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