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Horns Bee

smoking accessories

With the achievement in producing smoking accessories, the need of enlarging our business was never so clear by the mid-2010s. Some of us suggested we should expand our products to a wider market.

Hence the brand Horns Bee and the company Sam Young Trading Co. were introduced. Consequently, we have created a complete business chain from production with Gerui, to global trading via Sam Young, and with an internationally registered brand that represents our top notch products, Horns Bee.

  • SY-5856J Cone Maker

    SY-5856J Cone Maker

    This new designed cone maker has some unbelievable usages. The small size make it easy to carry or hide just like key chain or necklace. When you take out the front end, the hole where you insert a paper filter, can help to fix the paper filter from loosing. The bullet shape makes the rolling paper goes to a perfectly shaped cone. After you put the front end back to the body, the cone maker becomes a stick that helps to adjust the firmness of the weed inside the cone. What’s more, there is a hidden storage in the cone maker, that you can hide a pill or some other tiny things inside. Besides, the well made gift box, which is equipped with a paper funnel, can also be used as a small storage.

  • SY-1589G Cone Maker Kit

    SY-1589G Cone Maker Kit

    SY-1589G Cone Maker Kit provides a set of powerful smoking accessories those can bring you lots of convenience. The small cone maker helps you make a cone with paper filter and rolling paper more efficiently. The seal ring helps the cone tightly connect with the funnel. The specially designed funnel perfectly combined the cone and the grinder together. Which means you don’t have to do one more step to pour the ground weed into the cone after you grind, these two steps will become one when you get this funnel. What’s more, thanks to the material of the grinder, tinplate makes the grinder much easier to change to customized patterns, and even put an embossment on the cap surface.