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Horns Bee

smoking accessories

With the achievement in producing smoking accessories, the need of enlarging our business was never so clear by the mid-2010s. Some of us suggested we should expand our products to a wider market.

Hence the brand Horns Bee and the company Sam Young Trading Co. were introduced. Consequently, we have created a complete business chain from production with Gerui, to global trading via Sam Young, and with an internationally registered brand that represents our top notch products, Horns Bee.

  • Grinder Card

    Grinder Card

    The Grinder Card is the newest, most innovative grinding experience that you can carry around with you in a wallet. This weed accessory’s slim and thin design allows you to grind and enjoy the cannabis sensation whenever you want, wherever you want.

    Unlike your traditional weed grinder, being bulky, heavy, and hard to handle, the Grinder Card shrinks the grinder into credit card size, as the result, more materials are saved while providing identical functions. Thanks to the precise design of the grating teeth, the card presents the ability to separate any kind of buds, whether tough or moist, you just need to press it on the grinding surface and start grating it like a block of cheese, shreds of fine ground weed is going to fall out easily. At the same time, you should have no worries about the sharp teeth causing accidental finger injuries during the process; at a normal cutting angle, the cutter edge is not able to result in any cut on the user’s hand.

  • Power Shake, grind and pack your herb in an innovative way

    Power Shake, grind and pack your herb in an innovative way

    Have you been frustrated by bulky grinders when you try to travel? Have you been irritated by messy herbs? Or have you been aggravated trying to roll a joint? Introducing this Power Shake, the tool that can save you from these problematic situations.

    Power Shake consists of two main components, the grinder card and cone filler. The grinder card is a cheese grater-like metal plate attached to the front surface of the slim boxy funnel. It allows you to grate your weed with a simple movement and, most importantly, save precious space. The cone filler is a nozzle on the bottom of the device, where you can attach a pre-rolled paper cone. The nozzle is connected to the inner funnel, allowing the ground weed to slide down. Now let’s talk about the most exciting part of the device, the shake. After you have finished the grinding, the materials are sitting in the funnel, and the paper cone is attached; you can initiate the packing by pressing the device’s button. The vibration motor is triggered now, helps guide down the ground pot into the paper cone as well as provides a firmer pack via the shake. When the cone is about complete, you can stop the shake by releasing the button and take off the packed joint and enjoy the sensation, or you can store it in the Horns Bee Cone Case for later enjoyment.

    The Power Shake is a multipurpose cannabis accessory; it provides the function to grind finely and pack firmly while being very slim and easy to travel with.

  • SY-1586G Plastic Grinder Jar

    SY-1586G Plastic Grinder Jar

    SY-1586G Plastic Grinder Jar is a small combination of grinder and jar. Large volume storage provides a sealed chamber for your materials. You can put your weeds or pills into the bottom chamber which has grinder built-in. The sharp diamond-shaped teeth ensure a smooth twist and a efficient grinding action. After grinding, you can pour the ground materials into the storage for saving. On the top of the cap, you can put your own logo or some other patterns that you like. It’s small and light, but it is very powerful.

  • SY-1567G Cookie Biodegradable Grinder

    SY-1567G Cookie Biodegradable Grinder

    SY-1567G Cookie Biodegradable Grinder is a two pieces grinder. It’s a green product made of plant fibre and PP. Thanks to this, it’s in a small size with light weight. You may worry about the efficiency of this small and light grinder. But the truth is that the sharp teeth of this cookie grinder will definitely surprise you. The whole body is washable and there’s no need to worry whether it will get rust or not. The cookie design make the grinder more cute, even can be paced as a decoration. What’s more, the patterns or the logo can be changed to whatever you like on both top and the bottom sides. Let’s twist and taste the cookie!!

  • SY-1595G Magnetic Grinder

    SY-1595G Magnetic Grinder

    SY-1595G Magnetic Grinder is a 2-layer grinder. Covered with tinplate on both top and  bottom parts, the grinder is well protected but very light. The wooden pattern makes the grinder more delicate and presentable. Powerful magnet and sharp teeth help to grind much smoothly and easily. Thanks the small size and the light weight, you can put it into your pocket and enjoy grinding anytime anywhere.

  • SY-1589G Iron Armor Herb Grinder

    SY-1589G Iron Armor Herb Grinder

    SY-1589G Iron Armor Herb Grinder is a 3-layers grinder. We use tinplate to cover both the cap and the bottom parts of the grinder. Thanks to the tinplate, not only the grinder become lighter and more durable,but also the surface become much more free to put on whatever patterns you like, even an embossment can be put on the top. Specially designed teeth with a powerful magnet inside the grinder, make the grinding process more efficient。The storage part provides a large space for you to saving the ground herbs. What’s more, taking off the last layer, connecting with our SY-1589G-cone maker kit, you will find an easiest way to loading the herbs into a perfect cone.

  • SY-1228G Grinder In Jar

    SY-1228G Grinder In Jar

    SY-1228G product is a delicate grinder with a cute jar outside. This is 4-piece designed, all the pieces are removable and washable by water. All the essential functions for a grinder are perfectly equipped, such as powerful magnet, sharp teeth, stainless steel sieve and storage. The patterns on the top can be changed to customized logo or patterns. The most important thing is that the cute jar is not only a case to save grinder from being dirty or damaged, but also can be used as a storage for keeping herbs.

  • SY-1227G Crack Paint Grinder

    SY-1227G Crack Paint Grinder

    SY-1227G Crack Paint Grinder is a 4 layer aluminum alloy product. Every layer can be removed and washed by water. The powerful magnet in both grind layers ensure these two layers won’t be separated during your use. It will be very easy to grind the tobacco thanks to the sharp teeth. The stainless steel sieve allows the tobacco powder to fall into the bottom layer that can be used as a storage. We use special paint on the surface to make a crack image, but it still feels good when you tough the surface of the grinder.

  • SY-318G Mini Grinder

    SY-318G Mini Grinder

    SY-318G Mini Grinder has four pieces. Equipped with powerful magnet and the sharp teeth inside the grind layer, it will be much more efficient and smooth when you use the grinder. The third piece has fine sieve, which helps to screen different size of the ground weed. Customized patterns are available.

  • SY-062SG Bidirectional Rotary Grinder

    SY-062SG Bidirectional Rotary Grinder

    SY-062SG Bidirectional Rotary Grinder is an electric grinder with strong power. After fully charging, you can take it to anywhere and grind automatically. The specially designed shape makes you easier to catch. Sharp teeth which are made of aluminum alloy, can grind materials with strong power but in less time.

  • SY-1568G Horns Bee Flower Tower

    SY-1568G Horns Bee Flower Tower

    SY-1568G Horns Bee Flower Tower is the product can bring you a simple way to grind herbs and pack cones. This versatile cone filling machine lets you grind fresh herbs and fill paper cones in seconds with no mess. Crafted with a heavy-duty polycarbonate body to stand up to daily grinding this cone packer is made for rolling at home, at parties, or on the go with minimal effort. The unique design of our herb grinder makes it easy to take apart and put together featuring a built-in funnel and cone storage that storage chamber that holds up to 7 empty cones. Grind and pack cones in just 30 seconds by inserting a cone into the filler tube, place grinder over the funnel though the guiding pins, and grinding. All with a simple twist. Lastly, it’s small enough to fit in your pocket, beach bag, or car glovebox which makes it great for parties, picnics, and fishing trips.

  • Cone Loader Electric Herb Grinder SY-1013GT Horns Bee Rolling Thunder

    Cone Loader Electric Herb Grinder SY-1013GT Horns Bee Rolling Thunder

    SY-1013GT Horns Bee Rolling Thunder is all-in-one rolling machine perfectly grinds your favorite raw materials with a simple click, automatically fills your paper cone within seconds. The aluminum alloy grinder is precisely machined for significant wear resistance. Tough polycarbonate filler stores the cone with full protection while you can still watch the process. As manual grinders, the direction is changed when a clog is detected, but all automatically! The cone is firmly auto filled from the filter tips to the closing end to minimize air entrapment. It is the only accessory you need and can be brought to a party, picnic, or fishing trip where a table and tray might not be accessible. While fully charged, the grinder can run 150 rolls. If it’s out of juice, simply use a Type-C charger. To clean the device, a set of two brushes purposed for the grinder and the filler tube is included. To charge it up, use the attached Type-C cable.