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SY-1567G Cookie Biodegradable Grinder

SY-1567G Cookie Biodegradable Grinder is a two pieces grinder. It’s a green product made of plant fibre and PP. Thanks to this, it’s in a small size with light weight. You may worry about the efficiency of this small and light grinder. But the truth is that the sharp teeth of this cookie grinder will definitely surprise you. The whole body is washable and there’s no need to worry whether it will get rust or not. The cookie design make the grinder more cute, even can be paced as a decoration. What’s more, the patterns or the logo can be changed to whatever you like on both top and the bottom sides. Let’s twist and taste the cookie!!

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How to use:
1.Open the cap.
2.Load the materials into the grinder.
3.Close the cap.
4.Twist the grinder with two hands.

Product Name Cookie Biodegradable Grinder
Brand Horns Bee
Model Number SY-1567G
Color Black / Red / Yellow
Material Plant Fibre + PP
Logo Customized Logo
Product Size 5.5 x 2.5 cm
Product Weight 39.9 g
Package 24 pcs / Display Box
Display Box Size 12.3 x 23 x 8 cm
Display Box Weight 1.071 kg

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