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  • Grind In the Most Efficient Way

    Grind In the Most Efficient Way

    As one of the most significant accessories a stoner needs, weed grinders are used to break up cannabis flowers. The action of twisting and pressing symbolizes the start of a beautiful experience. However, it can be tricky for us to choose which kind of herb grinders to u...
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  • Bong Or Dab Rig?

    Bong Or Dab Rig?

    Ultimate Smoking Devices Guide | Dry Cannabis Herb Or Concentrate? Bong Or Dab Rig? The typical question that most stoners face when consuming marijuana flowers or marijuana concentrates is what device best fits the need: do I use a glass dab rig? Or do I use ...
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  • Hookah


    The hookah is different from traditional Chinese hookah. Originated in India. It was first smoked through coconut shells and diabolo tubes. So, how do you use hookahs? Let’s take a look at the knowledge about hookahs. 1How to use hookah 1. Add water to the cigarette bottle, and cover the m...
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  • The origin of hookah

    The origin of hookah

    Hookah is a kind of tobacco product from the Middle East. It is smoked using a hose after filtering water. Hookahs are generally made from fresh tobacco leaves, dried fruit meat and honey. Shisha...
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  • Introduction to cigarette rolling machine

    Introduction to cigarette rolling machine

    The cigarette making machine includes four main parts: wire supply, forming, cutting and weight control, as well as auxiliary parts such as printing and dust removal. Wire supply Initially quantify the cut tobacco and remove the sundries in the cut tobacco at the same time. The typical method of...
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