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Horns Bee

smoking accessories

With the achievement in producing smoking accessories, the need of enlarging our business was never so clear by the mid-2010s. Some of us suggested we should expand our products to a wider market.

Hence the brand Horns Bee and the company Sam Young Trading Co. were introduced. Consequently, we have created a complete business chain from production with Gerui, to global trading via Sam Young, and with an internationally registered brand that represents our top notch products, Horns Bee.

  • SY-9402K Horns Bee Glass Art Bongs

    SY-9402K Horns Bee Glass Art Bongs

    SY-9402K Horns Bee Glass Art Bongs is a different kind from the other bongs. We use aluminum bowl instead of glass to hold the tobacco, so it will be much easier to clean, and keep from been damaged in case it falls down. Equipped with a denoised cap, the tube inside the bottle not only guide the smoke into the water, but also decrease the noise when being used. What’s more, there are some small holes on the denoised cap, in order to increase the number and shrink the size of the bubbles. The connector in the middle of the product provides a sealed connection among all parts, so it will be more efficient for you to smoke. Thanks to the small size and durable quality, it will be easy carried to anywhere at anytime.