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Power Shake, grind and pack your herb in an innovative way

Have you been frustrated by bulky grinders when you try to travel? Have you been irritated by messy herbs? Or have you been aggravated trying to roll a joint? Introducing this Power Shake, the tool that can save you from these problematic situations.

Power Shake consists of two main components, the grinder card and cone filler. The grinder card is a cheese grater-like metal plate attached to the front surface of the slim boxy funnel. It allows you to grate your weed with a simple movement and, most importantly, save precious space. The cone filler is a nozzle on the bottom of the device, where you can attach a pre-rolled paper cone. The nozzle is connected to the inner funnel, allowing the ground weed to slide down. Now let’s talk about the most exciting part of the device, the shake. After you have finished the grinding, the materials are sitting in the funnel, and the paper cone is attached; you can initiate the packing by pressing the device’s button. The vibration motor is triggered now, helps guide down the ground pot into the paper cone as well as provides a firmer pack via the shake. When the cone is about complete, you can stop the shake by releasing the button and take off the packed joint and enjoy the sensation, or you can store it in the Horns Bee Cone Case for later enjoyment.

The Power Shake is a multipurpose cannabis accessory; it provides the function to grind finely and pack firmly while being very slim and easy to travel with.

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