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Grinder Card

The Grinder Card is the newest, most innovative grinding experience that you can carry around with you in a wallet. This weed accessory’s slim and thin design allows you to grind and enjoy the cannabis sensation whenever you want, wherever you want.

Unlike your traditional weed grinder, being bulky, heavy, and hard to handle, the Grinder Card shrinks the grinder into credit card size, as the result, more materials are saved while providing identical functions. Thanks to the precise design of the grating teeth, the card presents the ability to separate any kind of buds, whether tough or moist, you just need to press it on the grinding surface and start grating it like a block of cheese, shreds of fine ground weed is going to fall out easily. At the same time, you should have no worries about the sharp teeth causing accidental finger injuries during the process; at a normal cutting angle, the cutter edge is not able to result in any cut on the user’s hand.

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This simple, portable, and extremely handy little accessory is made of medical-grade stainless steel, ensuring safety while consuming cannabis. It is the grinder that you can casually take out and use, and it’s not just that. The grinder card can be multipurpose, you can even use it as a scoop or a scraping tool while rolling joints on a tray. Or you might look for more aesthetic creativity on the Grinder Card; we have a wild selection of finishings, so it is not just a grinding accessory, it’s also a representation of your colorful imagination. The coloring pattern also supports customization, so you can put your favorite images on the Grinder Card.

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