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SY-1588G Super Jar

SY-1588G Super Jar is a powerful product just like its name Super. Different from any other jars, Super Jar has a board inside the bottle, divides the storage into two spaces where you can put in pre-rolled cones and weeds. The board also can be removed if you just want a single large storage. On the top, the grinder with sharp teeth can grind weed much efficiently and separate from the bottle so that you can wash it after use without dry the storage. Every Super Jar is equipped with a paper funnel used for pouring the ground weed into the cone, and a small stick used for making a firmer cone. Just one jar, so many super power!!

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How to use:
1.Take out the material from the jar.
2.Load the material into the grinder.
3.Close the cap and twist the grinder with two hands.
4.After grinding, fold the paper funnel based on the folding line and pour the material in the funnel.
5.Take out an pre-rolled cone from the jar.
6.Pour the material into the cone.
7.Use the equipped stick to make the cone firmer.
8.Seal the cone and enjoy.

Product Name Super Jar
Brand Horns Bee
Model Number SY-1588G
Color Black / Red / Blue / Green / Transparent / White
Logo / Pattern Super Jar Patterns / Customized Patterns
Unit Size 6 x 6 x 14.2cm
Unit Weight 165.7 g
Display Box 6 Pieces / Display Box
Display Box Size 12 x 18 x 14.5 cm

SY-1588G Super Jarsinglei (1) SY-1588G Super Jarsinglei (2) SY-1588G Super Jarsinglei (3) SY-1588G Super Jarsinglei (4) SY-1588G Super Jarsinglei (5)

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