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The origin of hookah

The origin of hookah

Hookah is a kind of tobacco product from the Middle East. It is smoked using a hose after filtering water. Hookahs are generally made from fresh tobacco leaves, dried fruit meat and honey. Shisha, especially in the Middle East such as Iran, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, is a popular way of leisure. Both men and women, young and old, smoke waterpipes, and waterpipes have gradually evolved into local characteristics. With the continued popularity of my country’s travel abroad in recent years, Chinese people’s trips to the Middle East such as Iran and Egypt are increasing day by day. Going to a hookah hall to experience a hookah has become a must! It is precisely because the hookah smoke material is made of 70% fruits and 30% fresh tobacco, most of which are fruity, such as blueberries, apples, grapes, oranges, lemons, cantaloupes, etc., and the smoke is first placed in the container Water pipe is less harmful and less addictive. Therefore, water pipe is a non-toxic and harmless alternative to cigarettes, and it is healthy, hygienic, gentle and elegant!

Arabic hookah originally originated in India in the 13th century, and became popular in the Middle East since the 16th century. The original hookah and pipes included cigarette bottles, pipes, air valves, pot bodies, cigarette trays, smoke bays and other parts, composed of coconut shells and diabolo pipes, and were mainly used to smoke old-fashioned black tobacco. In the Middle East, especially in Turkey and Iran during the ancient Ottoman Empire, hookah was once regarded as the "dancing princess and snake", and then gradually spread to Arab countries and became a common way of smoking tobacco among the people.

The shadow of hookah can be seen in many works of art handed down from ancient times. The inspiration for the creation of Egyptian writer Najib Mahfouz, who won the Nobel Prize in Literature, is said to have come from the cafes and hookahs he frequented. Western media have commented that the thoughts of Arab intellectuals are contained in their pipes, which shows the status and popularity of hookahs in the Arab world.

Shisha was introduced to China during the Ming Dynasty and later became Lanzhou Shisha, Shaanxi Shisha and other varieties, but due to the shrinking market, it has almost disappeared.

The Arabs developed hookah to the extreme. For Arabs, smoking hookah is definitely a pleasant enjoyment. Many people have their own hookahs in different places, and those who are less troublesome and particular carry silver cigarette holders with them. It is not only a smoking set, but also its beautiful shape, which is also a beautiful handicraft when placed at home. Shisha is like mellow wine and tea, which is hard to resist.

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