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The hookah is different from traditional Chinese hookah. Originated in India. It was first smoked through coconut shells and diabolo tubes. So, how do you use hookahs? Let’s take a look at the knowledge about hookahs.

1How to use hookah

1. Add water to the cigarette bottle, and cover the metal pipe 0.8-1CM. The water should not be too much, not more than 2CM, otherwise it will be more difficult to smoke.
2. Connect the metal tube to the kettle body, and then connect the kettle body to the cigarette bottle securely.
3. Put the round cigarette tray on the top of the pot and fix it.
4. Fasten the grommets of the smoke bowl on the smoke tray, and then place the smoke bowl on the grommets, and pay attention to the air seal; when placing the ceramic smoke bowl, do not use too much force, otherwise it will easily cause breakage.
5. Put a pipe grommet on the pipe mouth of the kettle body, connect the wooden end of the pipe to the black rubber mouth, and pay attention to the air seal; if it is a multi pipe pipe, connect the other pipes in turn.
6. Sprinkle the shredded water pipe on the ceramic smoking bowl, keep the smoke smooth, pay attention to not putting too much shredded tobacco; it is recommended to leave a little space between the top of the shredded tobacco and the bottom of the tin foil.
7. Cut a square tin foil to wrap the whole ceramic cigarette bowl with the smoke material and pinch tightly (keep it sealed), pierce some small holes on the tin foil with a toothpick or one end of a carbon clip
8. Use a carbon clip to clamp a special charcoal for hookah, and use a lighter to burn the charcoal completely red; note that the black part of the carbon is not burned at this time, and the straw can be used to inhale and spit out, which can accelerate the carbon to burn through, but do not Inhale into the lungs.
9. Cover the windshield. If you are enjoying the hookah outdoors, the windshield can prevent the wind from blowing off the charcoal dust.
10. Put the disposable mouthpiece on the pipe and try to take a few puffs; at this time, the charcoal burning may not be enough, you can start to inhale and exhale to accelerate the charcoal burning through, but do not inhale into the lungs.
11. The air valve is used to prevent gas from entering the smoke bottle. When there is a free smoke pipe opening, the valve should be blocked with a small steel ball

2. The principle of hookah

1. Bronze hookah, also called hookah, is finely crafted by hand from a bronze plate, with exquisite pictures, verses, epigrams, mottos, etc. on it. The pot contains more than half of the pot of clean water, and the smoke in the pipe is filtered by the clean water and then sucked into the mouth. In addition, there is a “silver cigarette stick” to pass the smoke oil.
2. Bamboo hookah, the principle is the same, except that it is made of bamboo.
3. There is a special “shredded hookah”, pressed into a square, wrapped in “horse dung paper”, soaked in white wine, the taste is very beautiful.
4. Hookahs are generally filled with shredded tobacco once, and you can smoke 2–3 puffs. Light a cigarette with a roll of “paper pieces” in his hand.
He smokes hookah, looks like a gentleman.


Post time: Dec-08-2021