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Hemp Wick

With the increasing attention on cannabis usage nowadays, stoner accessories are also getting more spotlight. One of the essential components in the experience is the fire: you would need it to initiate the whole thing. Usually, people use a butane lighter or a traditional lighter to ignite the cannabis material, but there are some drawbacks. First of all, a lighter is hard to use sometime: maybe you would be fine just lighting up a joint, but when using a smoking bong, a lighter puts your hand in an awkward position. Secondly, lighters often bring unstable fire: the uneven distribution of gas through a traditional lighter would not provide a steady heat source, ruining the smoking experience. Lastly, lighter gas is a harmful chemical that impacts the taste and, more importantly, your body.

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Here comes the solution, hemp wick. It’s a hemp rope covered with bee wax. This candle wick like accessory brings you some advantages: there is no worry about any poisonous products getting into your weed. With all-natural raw material, you would not be inhaling a butane-air mixture when igniting. Additionally, this hemp twine is fully waterproof; unlike a lighter, fire still can be obtained after soaking in water. And the final and most important reason: the fire captured is very gentle and stable. The wax coating ensures the hemp string stays in the desired shape to prevent the fire from speeding up and increasing temperature. The more controlled heating source would provide a more enjoyable flavor.


How do you use it then? You need 2-3 inches of hemp to wick out and start the fire with a lighter. The fire will be gentle and relatively easy to manage, so bring the fire to whatever you are using, either blunt or dry flowers in a glass bong. As a result, for the best experience, you are suggested to wrap a portion of the hemp wick on something (a lighter, for example).


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