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GR-12-005 Horns Bee Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine

Cigarette Rolling Machine Gerui 005 Horns Bee Automatic Filling Injector

GR-12-005 is the fifth generation of our Cigarette Rolling Machine series. Small size and the fashionable design make it become one of the most popular Electric Cigarette Rolling Machines that we sell. Through more than ten years, Red-black and Blue-black become the classic colors. The stainless steel feeder part with the inside spring help to make cigarette with powerful rotating force, that goes to a perfect and tight cigarette. Smart cigarette holder helps you increase or decrease the density of the cigarette as you like. There’s no doubt that inserting different tobacco you like is one of the most important points that attract the customers. With GR-12-005 Horns Bee Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine, you can make a cigarette that do fit you the best! Besides, the most special part is that you can choose to make different size (8mm diameter and 6.5mm diameter) of the cigarette.

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How to use:

1. Connect the power adapter.
2. Press to lift the cigarette holder.
3. Insert an empty smoke tube into the stainless steel pipe.
4. Rotate if a tighter pack is desired. [+] Direction to increase the density. [-] Direction to reduce the density.
5. Put the tobacco in the tobacco box.
6. Press the switch to automatically make cigarette.

Product Name Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine
Brand Horns Bee
Model Number GR-12-005
Material ABS Plastic + Metal Motor
Color Red / Blue
Logo Horns Bee / Customized Logo
Unit Size 66 x 59 x 135mm
Unit Weight 219.6g
Qty / Ctn 50 Boxes / Carton
Carton Size 45 x 33 x 49.5 cm
Carton Weight 19.5 kg
Certification CE / ROHS
Input Voltage 110V - 230V
Frequency 50 / 60 HZ
Current 0.3A

Notice: Please use the equipped power adapter, otherwise, the efficacy will be affected or the motor even will be damaged if you use any others.

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