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Bong Or Dab Rig?

Ultimate Smoking Devices Guide | Dry Cannabis Herb Or Concentrate? Bong Or Dab Rig?

The typical question that most stoners face when consuming marijuana flowers or marijuana concentrates is what device best fits the need: do I use a glass dab rig? Or do I use a glass water pipe? Hence, we provide you with the ultimate direction to obtain optimal smoking sensation with the correct device.

The most popular choice to smoke cannabis is using a glass bong or glass dab rig. Then what is the difference?

A glass bong is often used to smoke dry cannabis herb by burning the materials directly with traditional lighters (or hemp wick to preserve flavor and burn at a lower temperature) in a bowl piece mounted into the joint at an angle. Additionally, a bong is often more prominent in size because smoking dry requires multiple percolations and a longer travel distance. Smoke created by the combusted flower will be much smoother when filtration and cooling are maximized. These specific characteristics allow skillful glass smiths to develop all kinds of different bongs, each with unique advantages and appearances.

Beaker Base Bongs

Straight Tube Bongs

Purolator Bongs

Round Base Bongs

Multi-Chamber Bongs

Recycler Bongs

As shown above, some of them are applied with various bong accessories such as ice catches for more improved cooling, diffused downstem for extra smooth diffusion, and multi-chambered water routes for optimized smoke travel distance.

Then you might ask, what is a glass dab rig? A dab rig or a bubbler is always used to smoke cannabis concentrate instead of the raw material. It would help if you used a butane torch to heat the button of a dab banger or a dab nail, the glass utensil used to contain the cannabis oil. The dab nail is inserted into a downstem mounted on the side of the dab rig kit. Compared to a glass bong, a dab rig is always smaller since when vaporizing the concentrate, over-filtration and a longer passway would drastically reduce the flavor. Furthermore, the concentrate is valorized at a lower temperature than burning dry herbs; not heating the material with the correct amount of heat would not efficiently extract all the flavor or even suppress it. However, depending on the concentrates you prefer ideal vaporizing temperature is different, then you can use e-nails or e-rigs to heat up the material electrically with precise temperature control. Another kind of dabber tool that would improve your smoking experience is carb caps, which allow you to accurately direct the air inflow so every bit of the cannabis oil can be vaporized. Also, with a regulated air inflow, the cannabis concentrate can even be heated at a lower temperature to preserve more flavor.

You can even use the portable dab rig kit , which comes with a miniature bubbler, a dabber tool to scrap up the concentrate, a banger to contain the concentrate, a carb cap to regulate airflow, a blow torch lighter that can heat up the banger directly, and a specially made rectangular chamber sits on a metallic platform to provide elevation for the lighter and protection from dropping. The hybrid dab rig is perfect for a road trip where it can be passed around. It also fits well in the sceneries of at-home-use due because it is compact when stored and so easy to clean after use.

There are also instances in which you will want to choose silicone bongs. Silicon bongs offer the most apparent advantages of being easy to clean, hard to damage, and highly lightweight hence portability. Furthermore, a silicone bong provides more colorful finishes than its glass counterparts.

However, unlike glass bongs, silicone cannot provide a wide range of accessories such as a multiply glass chamber filtration and a beautifully patterned water flow passway. Hence, if you are enthusiastic about watching the water and smoke flow in and out of the glass chamber in the glass bong or dab rig, silicone bongs will fail you.






lacking accessories

hard to clean

lacking filtration

easy to break

lacking water pass way


Then here comes the twist, we have the solution to solve the problems with silicone bongs. Introducing the silicone glass hybrid bongs where both the advantages of silicon and glass are expressed. A hybrid bong is always modular; silicone is used to make the base and the mouse piece, and glass is selected to make the connection pipe. Additionally, by combining glass and silicone, the hybrid bong offers the features of a multichannel percolator for better filtration and flow ways for viewing. All the spots on traditional bongs that cannot be clean quickly can be taken out from the hybrid bong to be washed, keeping your experience as tidy as possible.

Lastly, some of you would probably use one tool for both smoking dry cannabis and oil. It is highly recommended to use two different tools for dry flowers and concentrates, and here are the advantages of doing so. First of all, separating the pieces prevents you from mixing the flavor of the flower and dabs, which is unsettling to some users. Also, as mentioned, different material needs different levels of filtration and cooling to maximize the experience, so it’s essential to differentiate the use. Lastly, the cleaning necessary for the two is different: with the constant burning of dry materials, bongs always tend to leave marks more easily than dab rigs that just use concentrate oils.

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